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So, uh, I've finally been writing again! I'm still determined to get the Changes sequel and prequel done, y'see. This bit in particular is from the prequel. There is a minor spoiler in it, but it's only for the first chapter of the fic, so I'm posting it out in the open. =D

I swear I never meant to let it die... )
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So, uh. I thought I was done with the drabble series. Then I discovered the B-side songs. So! Here's the first one of the mini-series! Main fic spoilers abound.

2. Shoplifter -- 'You'll Never Learn' )
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So, um, in the same RP as before, I have picked up Antoine D'Coolette, and he and Scourge are already USTing all over the place. They had themselves a little argument over, if Antoine did in fact swing that way, who would be the one topping. Well, this is my answer to that. |D Rated at least R, but is pretty vague, really. Plus, well, it's SCOURGE. That should say enough right there. XD

P.S. As always, too lazy to go over it before posting. |D

I need to feel you/ You need to feel me/ I can't control you/ You're not the one for me, no... )
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... OK, see, I'm in the RP, right? And we're gearing up for this thing where the characters are turned into AU version of themselves. I'm playing Manic, and thought "EVIL MANIC LOL" for the AU curse. So, I had to flesh it out some, right? And then fic happened. DIRTY fic. Is R/NC-17 because of swearing and hedgiecest. Also, um, yeah, it's in dub/non-con country.

... yeah, don't ask.

P.S. I am sleepy and haven't gone over it properly, so mistakes may abound. |D

Lay my hands on heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars/ While the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car )
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Again, spoiler warnings for the fic, and still a bit angsty. I couldn't get to sleep until I finished them... x.x

9. Extraordinary Girl – 'She Gets So Sick Of Crying' )

10. Letterbomb – 'Do Or Die' )

11. Wake Me Up When September Ends – 'The Innocent Can Never Last' )

12. Homecoming – 'We’re Not The Same' )
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Yes, more of Star Fox Command, dammit. )

As for the second half of the subject line, my Sonic/Peach pr0nz. Let me show you them. I still can't believe I filled out that prompt. I don't do written smutfic, like, ever. Seriously. This is the second one I've done in all my years in online fandom. o.o But since I did all the other prompts for the pairing, I may as well do that one too, for great lulz!

And because I found a couple of fun things on Japanese fansites, I must share!:

--I can't read Japanese, but I get the feeling they just made an "OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAND!" joke. O_O
--Falco ala Sonic Channel's character profiles. =D
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I realize, I haven't linked to a single thing I've done for that darned meme, so here they all are!

And I'm still thinking about doing more... )
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So, a long while back, I thought it'd be a cool idea to do a bunch of "Changes" drabbles, each with a title derived from American Idiot lyrics, no song used twice. Then I promptly got lazy and didn't touch it for a year. XD But then tonight I was listening to the album again and got inspired, then found out that I did a lot more than I remembered doing! =D So, I'm going to post the four I got done here.


1. American Idiot – 'Not Meant To Follow' )

3. Holiday – 'Bombs Away Is Your Punishment' )

8. She’s A Rebel – 'And She’s Dangerous' )

13. Whatsername – 'Forgetting You' )
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I've been lazy about posting this, but a new prologue bit is done! Warning: I wrote for the lulz. Seriously. Yoogie Ruins. ZOMG.

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A continuance of this AU short (Warning: Smut, borderline R/NC-17). Set post chapter 5. Pr0n-free, unlike the linked one. What'd happen if a certain someone lived to talk to St. Jimmy another day?

He says we're fucked up but we're not the same/ And mom and dad are the ones we should blame... )
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Yeah, just finished. Y'all know by now I don't wait before postin' these things by now, right?

Glad I ain't over there. )
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This is from that Sonic/Wild Arms thing I mentioned last post. Mind you, I haven't proofed anything, because I just finished and ZEE WORLD EEZ MY BETA!

Did a green bird run through here?! )
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The new [ profile] sonic_drive prompt is "crossovers". So, what else was I supposed to do but go with that Sonic/Wild Arms crossover thing that's been bouncing in my head for a while? It's time to alienate both halves of my audience! =D

Elise + Crest Sorcery = LOL )
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FINALLY done. Too many distractions... ZEE WORLD EEZ MY BETA!!!11!, so if you see something that needs fixed, speak up.

I inflict the conflict/ With the utmost of contemption... )
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Totally AU, totally shameless smut. Borderline R/NC-17? Hell if I know; I don't normally write this stuff. Basically, if vaguely-described hedgehog-on-hawk action is not your thing, I wouldn't click that. Unless poking a n00b at pr0nfic is also your thing, then by all means, click. I blame [ profile] carriepika for this coming into existance.

Set during Chapter 4. What if Cmdr. Sonic chose another way to silence a certain someone...?

Go on, tell me you don't want this. )
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Set both before and after "Changes". Spoilers for "Changes" and a really minor, minor spoiler for the sequel ensue. Sleep doesn't come easy for the one once know as "St. Jimmy"...

In all the years Knuckles shared a bed with him, Sonic had never slept well. )
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Set between Chapter 7 and the Epilogue. Because Dr. Prower having a "Duh" moment amuses me.

Hey, Tails? You need to see this. )


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