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Made a couple of ask blogs over on Tumblr, if anyone wants to make be draw lulzy, serious, and/or angsty stuff: -- Ask Antoine D'Coolette Ask anyone from the fic Changes Are No Good.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled journal neglect.
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Oh, since I announced it on my Tumlbr, I should probably mention it on the journals too. I made a Tumblr account for original artwork over here:

It may also feature the occasional fanwork I'm particularly proud of/fond of, like the one that's on there already, but mainly it's for original stuff.
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As I said on Tumblr, I've got kind of a "2011 SUCKS" funk going on and in order to get out of it, I want to draw random stuff! My fandoms or not, if you can give me a reference/it's something easily searchable for, I will still draw it! Drop in a comment wherever if you're interested in something.
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Yeesh, it's been forever since I posted to LJ, hasn't it? I should fix that.

Work sucks, but it's primarily client drama. Client drama is relatively OK because they don't stick around forever.

Home life, eh... Lots of medical crap going off and on in the family. Then I found out I had a huge gallstone. Then my cat got a nasty urinary tract infection. Then I had surgery to get the huge gallstone out. FUN TIMES. The upside is I had a lot of paid sick time, so I got two weeks' pay for doing nothing after the surgery.

Fandom... I've finished a few PSP games, and watched a few anime series. The short form:

--Jeanne D'Arc: Good, but holy fuck why did the difficulty jump to over 9,000 in the last battle? D=
--Hexyz Force: Levant's story is 1,000,000 times more awesome than Cecilia's, and the Neutral ending is a bitch and a half to get. I ended up YouTubing that one because FUCK THE FINAL BOSS IN HARD MODE. 8|
--Milmana: NOT WORTH IT.
--Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions: FFT is still my favorite Final Fantasy game, and now I get to understand what's going on in the plot!
--The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky: I haven't quite finished it, but any game with a gun-slinging pansexual hedonist bard is forever awesome in my book. Factor in that the staff chick (a) is actually one of the physically stronger characters and (b) is the main character and a "beat it up and ask questions later" type, and I'm in love with this gaaaaaaaaame~ Olivier, why must you not be permanently in my party? You are the best character ever! ;A; ;A; ;A;
--Pokemon Black: Not a PSP game, but I've pretty much finished that one too. Why are so many Unova pokemon horrifying? The Timburr line is especially horrifying to me. D:

As for anime...

--Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Good, but will make you BAWL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. Oh, Mami... And Homura... Hell, oh, EVERYONE. ;A;
--Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?: It's like Bleach mated with a harem anime, which then mated with a magic girl anime, only a billion times crackier and awesome. Eucliwood Hellscythe is the best character in the whole show. Plus there's a magic girl with a magic chainsaw. I will repeat this, because it bears repeating: MAGIC. CHAINSAW.
--Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream: It's pretty terrible, honestly, but my inner five-year-old girl approves. It's all about cute clothes, improbable ice skating jumps, and has a tsundere boy band member/fashion designer do an improbable jump called (and I may be slightly off on the name. SLIGHTLY.) "Endless Hug". I just... I don't even know why I love this, but I do.
--Twin Angel Twinkle Paradise: Like Pretty Rhythm, it's catalogued under "Pretty Terrible, But I Love It Anyway". It's a whole lot more fanservice-y than Pretty Rhythm, tho'. Saijou-sensei is the best ever, and Kurumi is The Scrappy of the show and needs to die in all the fires.

Additionally, still loving Dragon Ball Z Kai. Now that I'm actually getting a chance to see more than just the Vegeta Arc, I find I'm really loving Grumpy McSaiyanpants. A lot. And Krillin, of all people, as well. (For background, when I watched the original dub, I liked Piccolo and Gohan best. Still like Piccolo, and Gohan's still OK in my book.) Also, Android 17 is totally what would be the result if Vegeta had a happier life: more cheerful, but still a total dick. Therefore, I like the little git too.

So basically, work sucks, medical crap sucks, I love endearingly terrible anime, and I play handheld games a lot more than console games lately!
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So, uh, Livestream momentarily? Because why the hell not?
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I keep forgetting to link this. I got one a' these now too:

Not much up there, aside from some crack doodles, tho'. I'm not too sure what to actually do with the thing, to be honest.

A proper post here is upcoming... maybe.
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So, I figured out how to Livestream! I'm done for now, but here are the pictures from the stream!

Mostly RP-related nonsense; feel free to skip )

So, uh, yeah. If you looked behind the cut, you can tell I need a lot more practice with a tablet and SAI. But hey, it's not that terrible for a virtual newb, I think.
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So, uh, I kinda caved and got Pokemon Black. I'm about three badges in, and one thing must be said:


Oh my goodness, the Ratata equivalent in this game was so horrifying, I boxed that fucker ASAP. And they're everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And the fighting-type ones... And then there's Tympole. TYMPOLE. I have to say, though, the grass-types tend to be utterly adorable. If I didn't have a Swadloon on my party, there's about fifty million grass types I'd want to use in my party. But then, I love grass-types.

I have Trainer Bulma and her team of Oolong the Pignite, Babby the Herdier, Trunks the (lolgirl) Swadloon, Magoo-tan the Swoobat, Lady Grey the Yamask (ohgod their Pokedex entry is so sad. ;~;), and Sauron the Roggenrola. I got most of my bases covered with that party, I think.

So, anyway, meme! )
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Since [ profile] bottlemilk requested some pictures of my new shiny DBZ movie two-in-one set, here it is! Please forgive the fandorking and bad photography; my memory card slot has gone funny, so I had to use my phone instead of a normal camera. =(

In the spirit of photo adventures, I too have plushie co-stars. With me here is Dr. Eggman and Phoenix Wright, because I enjoy random things.

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So, uh, I wrote out some fluff via text message on Twitter earlier. Dragon Ball Z fluff, amazingly enough. I figure, I may as well copy/paste it here!

Sometimes--all right, a lot of the time--she just did not understand that man. )
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Yeah, I need to wrap up the 30 Day Game Meme thing sometime soon, but before I bother with that, I want to announce that I am doing a Nano for comics!

I've signed up for [ profile] nanomango, so prepare for art dorkery to abound once more! It's Lola Twinkle time, babies~
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Day 23: Favorite racing game )
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Day 21: Favorite Fighting Game )

Day 22: Favorite table-top RPG

Sorry, never played one. Played plenty of console RPGs, tho', and I think you know my favorite there.
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Day 20: Favorite stress relieving game )
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Day 19: Favorite game based on a movie/book/comic/etc )
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Day 18: A game that you wish more people would’ve played )
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Day 17: A game that disappointed you the most )
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Day 16: A game that you used to love but now ha--suck at )
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Day 15: A video game character who you can relate to the most )
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Day 14: A game that no one would expect you to love )
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