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Give me a character and then pick one of the hilarious prompts from behind the cut, and I'll write you a drabble.

I write primarily for the Sonic the Hedgehog and Wild Arms fandoms. Anything else could be rejected because I'm not familiar with it yet. Feel free to suggest anything else if you know I'm familiar with it, it'll depend.

The prompts )

Feel free to go with pervy ones; you'll get something. I can't tell you what, but it'll be something.
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This was one of the "you-know-whats" mentioned in the previous post, but since [ profile] tavalya_ra won't be on the internet for a while in a couple of days, I bumped this up. Merry Christmas, [ profile] tavalya_ra, [ profile] scribe_protra, and anyone else who reads these.

Be warned, as this crosses over some with [ profile] tavalya_ra's Zukang Bunny, there is mpreg. But mostly, it's gleeful crack.

Zuzu… The Avatar… Zuzu got… WAHAHAHAHAHA! )
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In honor of my new icon, made by Big Pimpin' co-inspiration [ profile] tavalya_ra, the next installment of Avatar: Big Pimpin'!

I was just trying to find the true spirit of pimping! )
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Yes, another installment of this thing. Blame the usual suspects for the inspiration.

Pimpmaster Iroh says I’ve come far in my training! )
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Inspired by the Avatar pimpin' stories, screencap by [ profile] tavalya_ra. Katara demands to know where her bitches are at! XD

Also changed the icons to the pimpin' stories to this one. Mwahaha.
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Yes, I was encouraged to write a part two to the "Avatar" pimpin' story. Blame [ profile] tavalya_ra.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy. Or something. )

[EDIT] Now with bonus illustration!

Also, Pimp!Katara by [ profile] kaichan
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