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1) Write down fifteen ships of yours.

2) Invent a godawful shipname for them. It can be anything from an opaque melding to a bizzare abstract concept, but it must sound vaguely genuine.

3) See if your friends can guess what the ships are and why.

4) If you're doing multiple fandoms, clarify which ship's from which fandom to avoid confusing the flist.

Please note all Sonic ones can be from game, Archie!comic, or Sonic X, and Wild Arms ones from any game in the series.

1. Vengeful Little Bitches (Sonic) -- Shadamy, guessed by [ profile] insanepurin. Because they are both vengeful little bitches.
2. Unclear Dialogue (Sonic) -- Bunnie/Antoine, guessed by no one! Named for their wacky accents.
3. Tender Tentacle Lovin' (Sonic) -- Tikal/Chaos, guessed by [ profile] toysthatbreak. Enough said.
4. Banjos in Echidnapolis (Sonic) -- Julie-Su/Knuckles, guessed by [ profile] toysthatbreak. Because COUSINS.
5. Stolen Gem (Sonic) -- Rouge/Topaz, guessed by [ profile] smallwickedlady. Thief + girl with gem name.
6. Ditch the Gear, I Travel Light (Sonic) -- Sonic/Knuckles, guessed by [ profile] toysthatbreak. Because of this infamous panel.
7. A Couple of Dicks (Sonic) -- Vector/Espio, guess by no one! "Dicks" as in "detectives"!
8. Hedgehogs Blow Up Our Damn Mechs (Sonic) -- Eggman/GUN Commander, guessed by [ profile] toysthatbreak. Because Sonic and Shadow do smash their shit up.
9. Young Guns (Wild Arms) -- Rudy/Jane, guessed by [ profile] aruru. ARM users wai.
10. Grim Penpals (Wild Arms) -- Rudy/Zed, guessed by [ profile] smallwickedlady. Zed is the Grim Reaper's Pen Pal!
11. Screw Canon And Whack Marina with an Umbrella (Wild Arms) -- Ashley/Lilka, guessed by [ profile] smallwickedlady. Because I loathe Marina and Lilka has an umbrella.
12. Old Soldiers Don't Die, Just Fade Away (Wild Arms) -- Brad/war buddy in wheelchair, guessed by [ profile] aruru. It's an old saying, and they did fight in a war...
13. All That Glitters Is JUSTICE!!!!11one!1 (Wild Arms) -- Virginia/Maya, guessed by [ profile] aruru. Justice freak + treasure hunter = WIN.
14. Dragon Versus Robot (Star Ocean 2) -- Ashton/Precis, guessed by [ profile] smallwickedlady. Dragon-possessed boy meets robot-tossing girl.
15. Ninja Burger Has It Wrong (Arc The Lad) -- Tosh/Shu, guessed by [ profile] aruru. Ninja and samurai can too get along!
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