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Day 19: Favorite game based on a movie/book/comic/etc

Project Diva

Well, you did say "etc.", meme! Project Diva is a rhythm game based off those wacky voice synthesizers, the Vocaloids. Although you can switch models (and dress Miku up), the main Vocaloid for the game is Hatsune Miku, with a couple songs by the Kagamines, Rin and Len (Leeeeeeeeeeeeeen~! 8D */fangirls*). Unlike a lot of licensed games, this one does not suck and is quite playable, if not a a bit downright sadistic at times. (Note: That vid's apparently from the sequel, but the the original game's version of the song is the same thing button press-wise minus the arrow keys.)

Why doesn't it suck? More likely, it was the fan input. A lot of the songs are made by fans ("World Is Mine", the song I just linked), and the loading screens and some of the later songs' vids are composed of some really freaking AMAZING fanart. Also, you can't hate a game where Miku sings an old-school "Se~ga~!" at the Sega logo screen.

In short, this game is...

Date: 2010-10-21 09:05 pm (UTC)
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Technically, ALL of the songs are "fan-made", in that nobody actually working AT Sega or Crypton produced them - even Supercell, the biggest musician group to use Miku as a singer (their members are the ones responsible for World is Mine, Black Rock Shooter, et al) are simply licensed by Sega.

The demo songs that Crypton releases for upcoming Vocaloid software tend to be horribletastic.


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