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Apr. 4th, 2010 04:04 am
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I got tagged, so here we go!

Years roleplaying: Lemme check... Oh, wow, it's been about 7 years LJ-wise? Though I used to do some crack IM stuff before then.

Least favourite character? ... I dunno? Really, no clue.

Favourite characters? The loudmouthed older hawk. Jet grew up to be a delightful mix of jerkass and DADDYMODE and it's awesome. Plus I tend to play lulzy older men and mischievous girls of many ages.

Male or female characters? I think I've got a pretty even mix of both. Looks like 9 guys and 8 girls, going by the LJ widget. So I can go either way RPing, really.

Oldest character? Derp, I was about to put Peppy until I figured out this was meant in a different sense. The first journal was for Sonic A over at Between Zones, before it was Between Zones and just me being silly. The one who's been played the longest overall is probably Cmdr. Sonic O'Reily, if you combine Between Zones and Alt.

And the oldest age-wise is still Peppy, at age 50, or possibly Professor Oak. I love me some lulzy old men. =8B

Newest character? Ken "Monkey" Khan. I used to ignore his stories in the Archie Sonic comics until he came back and became awesome. The crazy thing is that I hadn't even planned to pick him up! It's like one day, he wandered into my head, said "PLAY ME", and so I did. \D

Most popular character? Probably the old hawk, I'd guess. It's the sparkletext of douchebaggery. Everyone loves the sparkletext.

Character you've never played? Uh... I'd never say never to playing someone, but I'd fail spectacularly if I had to play a straight-up serious villian. I like comedy too much.

[ Which character of yours would be most likely to... ]
Jump off a bridge?
Probably Jet, because he has his Gear and would jump on it at the last moment for a thrill.

Get drunk and pass out? Peppy. Veeeeeery much Peppy. Maybe Oak on a bad day. I'd say Shahra, but she's got a magically-enhanced alcohol tolerance.

Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? I want to say Peppy here too, but it'd more likely be Oak, and it'd be totally on accident. This IS the man that somehow nearly got Shadow eaten by a Diagla and caused the school to be closed due to the Aipom Escape incident, after all.

Get married? Jet's married, older!Amy and older!Shadow are married to each other, and Cmdr. Sonic is engaged. C8

Be far too hyper for their own good? Hyper in the traditional "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" sense? Oak. The man has Super Effective icons, after all. Hyper in the spaz sense? Antoine.

Rape somebody? Antoine Amy on a bad day If Antoine ever really let himself go? It'd be him. Ask him about his violent fantasies about Scourge. C8

Be raped? Honestly? I've always likened the control the Iron Queen had on Ken canonically as something akin to rape. How horrible would it be to have no control of your body as it kills the people you considered your allies and friends? Plus it doesn't help that if she's got that kind of control over him, it would be an easy thing to actually molest the poor boy...

So, in short, Ken.

Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Ken or Shadow. Both of them seem stubborn enough to refuse until somebody baps them hard enough. \D

Get lung cancer? Cmdr. Sonic, since he was at one point a smoker both RPs he's been in.

Star in a horror movie? Antoine. I don't know if he'd be the victim or the killer, tho'. Depends on the circumstances.

Star in a whore movie? MARMALADE! Ceiling Carmen would tape it.

Star in a video game? A good half of them are from games. XD

Make the world a better place? Orihime. She'll reject the bad reality and replace it with her own, literally. There'll be Power Rangers. And robots. And cute furry things! 8Db

Have a torrid gay love affair? Most of them would be open to one if they found the right person, and about half of them has had one or is having one.

[ Relate each word to a character of yours: ]
Hate: Antoine. While he's still a sweet dorky spaz on the outside, his trip to Moebius left him more in touch with his darker side than he likes.
Money: Jet!
Seduction: Marmalade
Lies: Hedwig? Althought it's not so much lies as not disclosing the truth.
Tragedy: St. Jimmy Cmdr. Sonic, had he stayed in his home zone.
Manipulation: Antoine. How much of that LOL FRENCH STEREOTYPE facade is real and how much isn't him trying to make his opponents drop their guard~?
Violence: Antoine again. The boy worries me sometimes.
Politics: Hedwig
Fire: Machina, because EXPLOSIONS GOOD! oDob
Ice: Joey. Until you push his flail button.

[ Would you ever... ]
Play a prostitute?
Play a musician? MANIC.
Play a pilot? PEPPY.
Play a homosexual? ... pick one. The only one that identifies as gay as opposed to bi or mostly straight is Cmdr. Sonic, tho'.
Play a pedophile? Prrrrrobably not.
Play a politician? Maybe.
Play a character who commits incest? Does hothot Sonic-on-Sonic sexings count? Plus, well, MANIC and his crush.

[Tag three people]



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