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I've been lazy about posting this, but a new prologue bit is done! Warning: I wrote for the lulz. Seriously. Yoogie Ruins. ZOMG.

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Wings poster update! =D )
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Yeah, just finished. Y'all know by now I don't wait before postin' these things by now, right?

Glad I ain't over there. )
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This is from that Sonic/Wild Arms thing I mentioned last post. Mind you, I haven't proofed anything, because I just finished and ZEE WORLD EEZ MY BETA!

Did a green bird run through here?! )
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This post is primarily for random Sonic/Wild Arms crossover character designs, so feel free to skip if you aren't interested.

But first, one thing that has nothing to do with that! Contains massive "Changes Are No Good" spoiler:

And now, the crossover crack!

Links ahead. )
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The new [ profile] sonic_drive prompt is "crossovers". So, what else was I supposed to do but go with that Sonic/Wild Arms crossover thing that's been bouncing in my head for a while? It's time to alienate both halves of my audience! =D

Elise + Crest Sorcery = LOL )
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If you make up titles for stories I didn't write, I will respond with details of those non-written stories.

Chibi's special add-on rule: Shoot off as many as you like. XD
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