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I went back and tagged what fics of mine I could find. So, a simple click'll get you all the stuff in that category. Go, organzation!
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VH1 Classic is trying to put me into fangirl overload. First a Cyndi Lauper concert, and now something featuring Lisa Loeb will be on. <3 <3 <3

Writing sluggish as a result, plus AU!Sonic and Knuckles are not cooperating. For the past couple hours, this is all I've come up with:

Sonuckles bitchfighting. )

(Yes, there's a reason why they're clothed; I figure, if there wasn't a rule that all students, regardless of species, had to be clothed, some student would stroll up naked, saying it wasn't (a) against the rules, or (b) fair the furry boys got to walk around nekkid and it was in protest. In fact, maybe that's why the rule's in place. XD)

I <3 AUs.

Jan. 23rd, 2006 09:53 pm
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Some random scenes from "Unfamiliar Memories", my own atypical high school AU, involving memories of alternate existances, an entire island disappearing and reappearing except on purpose rather than a hilarious oversight, unlike The Fic That Must Not Be Named, escapes from the military, and little kid!Shadow.

Warning: Last scene will contain spoilers for the story. The first one will probably be in the first chapter anyway, so who cares?

Scene One: The Fool and the Emperor )

Scene Two: Changes Are No Good )
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If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNoWriMo or what have you, post a fragment from each of your current work(s) in progress in your journal. It should probably be your favorite or most intriguing sentence so far, but what you choose is entirely your discretion. Mention the title (and genre) if you like, but don't mention anything else -- this is merely to whet the general appetite for your forthcoming work(s):

Untitled Chaotix thing )

Arctica Elmina and the Temple of Memory )

Unfamiliar Memories )

Untitled DC crackfic )
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So, some of you may remeber that I rambled about a Sonic fanfic idea a few months back. It involved tampering with time and the Master Emerald, and an alternate timeline only Knuckles could remember. Well, the alternate timeline for it has been kicking me in the ass and tell me, "WRITE ME. WRITE ME NOW." And one scene in particular stood out until I could not resist it any longer. So, without futher rambling, a scene from "Return to the Past"s alternate timeline:

And I've barely started the fic that spawned this... X.x )


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