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Day 13: A game that is a guilty pleasure )
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Day 12: A game that you dislike (Warning: ALL CAPS BEHIND CUT) )
chaoscheebs: (Read a book!  A DIRTY book!)
Day 11: A game that changed your opinion about something )
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Day 10: Favorite Retro Game )

Meme Day 9

Oct. 11th, 2010 02:42 am
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Day 9: A game with the best or most original soundtrack )

Meme Day 8

Oct. 10th, 2010 08:15 pm
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Day 8: A game you’ve played countless times )

Meme Day 7

Oct. 9th, 2010 01:14 am
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Day 7: The game with most surprising game plot twist or ending

Sonic 2k6 and Secret Rings spoilers behind cut )

Meme Day 6

Oct. 8th, 2010 12:39 am
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Day 6: Favorite puzzle game )

Meme Day 5

Oct. 7th, 2010 01:05 am
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Day 5: A game that reminds you of someone )

Meme Day 4

Oct. 6th, 2010 01:12 am
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Day 4: A game that makes you sad )

Meme Day 3

Oct. 5th, 2010 12:52 am
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Day 3: A game that makes you really happy )

More memage

Oct. 3rd, 2010 10:06 pm
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Day 2: The most underrated game you’ve ever played )
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Dragon Ball Z Kai. Anyone who also follows Twitter will have seen much DBZ squeebling there. It was one of my first anime loves, as corny and over-the-top it was. So, since I had a bit of free time tonight at work, all I did with it was draw Dragon Ball Z characters... as women. Why? Because this is me. I like giving boy characters boobs or putting them in dresses. =3

Warning: Image sizes are OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAAND!! )
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All right, this is seriously starting to get creepy.

On my TV are three small lucky cat figurines: one white, one black, one gold. The white one keeps falling off for no discernible reason--it fell off a little bit ago AGAIN and now I can't find it--and whenever I put it back, it, along with the gold cat, somehow wind up facing north even though when I set them there, they were facing east. Now the gold one fell off a little bit ago, and I put it back on, with it facing east. I just went by the TV again to look for the white cat again, and now it's facing north again. (The black cat, if you're wondering, seems unaffected by whatever weird mojo is going on over there.)

Seriously. Just... WTF. O.o
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Well, you know the drill by now. Have some art dumpage!

Again, cut for HUGE. )
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I would normally show this off after inks and colors, but dammit, the power of FABULOUS compels me.

Huge image as always )
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Huzzah! I have more things colored! WARNING: The images are still huge.

Det. Stella Lumaris )

Officer Ally Katt )
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So! I finalized her design now!

Warning: HUGE IMAGE )
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I have been struck, and struck HARD, by an original comic plotbunny, and I blame [ profile] miishal for it.

Magical Detective Lola Twinkle (design not final). She's a hard-boiled detective in a moe-moe magic girl body. She solves crimes that are sparkly and frequently bloody. She has a magic girl pet/partner who is adorable and bitterly hilarious. It has the potential to be really fucking awesome. And I may be able to recycle designs from the magic girl comic I did for my senior project in college! =D =D =D

That is all. *plots*
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