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So, I figured out how to Livestream! I'm done for now, but here are the pictures from the stream!

Cmdr. Sonic O'Reily and rooster!Jet. Spawned by some silliness in the chat at the start of the stream.

I was drawing an AU Saffron that goes by the name of Carmen, but then [ profile] indilee suggested it be a different AU of her. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Commander Sandiego of the AU Zone Cops. And since I was drawing her, I added Lt. Zion to it too. She's totally trying to give him tips on how to land himself a man. X3

My Jet and [ profile] indilee's Shadow, as requested by [ profile] djtifaheart. They... got off to a very bad start, to say the least. Then Jet grew up a little and apologized, so it's a little better now.

... a little.

And finally, MOAR ZONE COPS. This is Machina, an AU Omega. She got herself a new body so she doesn't frighten small children whenever she goes places. Ironically, despite this being the one pic I spent the least effort on, the inking turned out the best on this one. O_o

So, uh, yeah. If you looked behind the cut, you can tell I need a lot more practice with a tablet and SAI. But hey, it's not that terrible for a virtual newb, I think.


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