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So, uh, I wrote out some fluff via text message on Twitter earlier. Dragon Ball Z fluff, amazingly enough. I figure, I may as well copy/paste it here!

* * *

Sometimes--all right, a lot of the time--she just did not understand that man. She ran perfume after perfume by him, hoping to find one that would entice him, but every time he would just grunt or claim they all smelled the same to him. And yet--and yet! If she happened to come home sweaty, stinking of grease from whatever project she was working on and cigarette smoke, he could hardly keep his hands off of her.

One day, she got fed up and asked him straight out, "I wear perfume, you do nothing. I come home smelling like THIS, you're all over me. Why?"

"Because," he replied, his hands settling at her waist, "this is your scent. Those flowery frivolities can't compare with that."

Color tinged her cheeks. Coming from him, that was downright mushy. She wanted to reply, but those hands of his weren't content to stay put, and it's rather hard to talk when someone was kissing you. Impatient bastard, she thought, can't even wait for the conversation to be over. Oh well, at least she finally found the perfect scent. If only she could figure out how to bottle it...

Date: 2010-11-02 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
...sdfkjhsdflksdhfklsdf THIS IS ADORABLE!! This is so so adorable oh my god sdkfjhsdfjhghj ♥♥♥

Seriously, you write Vegeta so awesome. AND Bulma, too. Clearly. :3 ♥ though I'd like to see Vegeta modelling for a perfume... that would be hot. 8D!!!!


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