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Day 18: A game that you wish more people would’ve played

Okage: Shadow King

A PS2 RPG, this chronicles the story of a boy named Ari, who just sort of... blends in with the background, and his shadow, which is now possessed by the EVILEST EVIL KING OF THEM ALL, Stanley Hihat Trinidad IV. And it is made of awesome.

The game play itself is nothing special, and although you can see encounters coming in the form of ghosts chasing you, it's damned near impossible to avoid them. But the rest of the game, hoo boy! The translation is awkward just enough to give it an old-school RPG charm without making it hard to understand, and this game is, well, just plain silly. It does have a serious side, but... Well, it has a hero who's main reason for hating Stan is because he made their shadow PINK, a derpy pop idol who fangirls him, a mad scientist sort, and the aforementioned Evil Kings. Because dear, over-the-top LOLOLOL I'M TEH EVOL!!!1! Stanley isn't the only one~

But there's an underlying plot about why this place seems so... RPG-y, and there's the thread of Ari growing as a person and not being so invisible anymore. And the best part of playing as Ari? You get to pick what he says every time he speaks up. You can be a wuss, you can be pretty normal, or you can be kind of a snot, which is awesome.

So, yes. If you can find it, play it. The battles may annoy you, but it's entertaining nonetheless.
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