Apr. 18th, 2010

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What sucks is that I finally have the gumption to make an LJ post, only to notice that I forgot to renew my paid stuff and don't have the icon I want to use for it. Oh well, have a weird but semi-appropriate one instead!

So, POKEMON! I haven't play a main-series Pokemon game since the Blue version of the original. Due to peer pressure (and, uh, a 10% off coupon code), I picked up Soul Silver. It's just as aggravatingly grind-happy as I remember it, yet I feel compelled to, if not catch them all, to at least beat the gyms and get me a fricking Buneary/Lopunny somehow. I have also had insane luck with the Pokewalker doohickey and got not one, but THREE Pikachus with Fly (two of them got traded out) and one with Surf, plus a Light Ball on the wi-fi event route with relative ease, plus I found a Shiny Ledyba just outside Violet City. I ended up with an insane amount of less interesting Pikachus during the hunt, so they're all shoved in a box I named PIKAORGY.

Added box note: My box of part-time and potential team members and traded 'mon are in box AWESOME. 'Cause that's what they are. Especially my Geodudette Adrian, who felled Whitney's Miltank damned near single-handedly, and Ivo the Togepi, who took down a Gengar seven levels higher than him all by himself.

Current party is Mephi the Eevee (who I hope to make an Umbreon, since I sorely lack Dark 'mon in Box AWESOME), Hedwig the Bayleef, Persephone the Pidgeotto, Queenie the Beedrill (who damned near took out Whitney's entire gym on her own), Priss the Surf Pikachu, and Puffy the Dratini (was Tiamat, but I changed my mind on the name). Alternate party members are Adrian the Geodude, Myrtle the Gastly, and Ivo the Togepi (he's the eggman with the master plan).

You may note from the names that my party skews mostly female. That's because most of the 'mon I catch end up female. I wasn't even trying to get them like that either, especially not after I didn't need the All-Female Infatuation Nerfing Squad after Whitney's gym anymore. It's been evening out a little now, but still, there's a female capture bias. O.o

And now I'm just babbling. If you'll excuse me, I have to show more random wild 'mon that they can't beat my DRAGON RAGE.
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Yeah, yeah, I know I just posted about it yesterday, but this must be shared.

I got the red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage some time after posting yesterday. I have named her Reiji (RAGE-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN~!). This is what her description reads:

"Impish nature"
"Somewhat of a clown"

That's right. Out of all the 'mon in an incredibly destructive, ass-kicking species, I get the silly one.


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